Production Equipment
The Production Plant
STP has equipment and resources for the supply of number of pieces with a daily production capacity exceeding one thousand units. The plant has two production centers: the line of cold working, and the line for the die-cast products. Both operate in the production of Zinc alloy handles and technical articles. STP is able to merge in their production process even on technical drawings supplied by the customer. The work methodology includes checks for quality control of manufactured parts. In accordance with the requirements, the check is done to an individual piece, or sampling. The control procedure includes:
- CARD reports (for every single piece, or sample reports)
- Nominal size included on the CARD
- Measurement of values​and transcription on the CARD
- Calculation and verification of tolerances, and transcription of the results in the CARD
If the customer requires the CARD reports, a copy is done and delivered to the customer.
Auxiliary Equipments
  • Standard Drills
  • Multi-head drilling machine for drilling and threading
  • Automatic Drilling Machine
  • Automatic high-speed saw for aluminum cutting
  • Mitre saw
  • Double miter saw, tilted 45 ° -90 °. Cutting ability: 3 meters
  • Slow miter saw
  • 50 Ton hydraulic press cold forging
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