Manufacturing Steel, Aluminum and Zamak
Stainless Steel
The stainless steel is used in industrial sectors where it is necessary to increase the resistance against external objects and wear, ensuring a perfect aesthetic result. The structure of steel tubes is enhanced both by the quality, both from the external finish of satin and polished finishes that allow to obtain homogeneous results and without roughness surfaces. Our company produced tubes of different diameters, and our suppliers are able to certify and to accompany each shipment with a detalied physical, chemical and mechanical properties analysis of raw materials, in order to garantee the full quality.
The aluminum alloy is lightweight, durable and easy to work. It has a clean, pleasant and excellent resistance to corrosion and offers a unique combination, which makes it a versatile building material of great use and interest. There are many types of surface treatments (ANODIZING, PAINTING AND OTHER METHODS OF SURFACE TREATMENT) that improve the aesthetics of aluminum. The anodization process can maintain the natural color of aluminum (which is already anodized) or the customer can opt for other possible colors. Powder coating offers an unlimited choice of colors and a truly remarkable durability. Among the methods of surface treatment we recommend grinding, polishing and chrome electroplating. Our company produced extruded from aluminum of various conditions of hardness, used primarily in the commercial sector. Our raw material suppliers are able to certify and accompany every delivery with a detailed analysis of the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristic, ensuring their quality.
Lightweight, durable and easy to work
Clean, pleasant and excellent resistance to corrosion
Natural color of aluminum
Remarkable durability
Aluminum alloy
Anodization process
Powder coating
Surface treatment
Mechanical characteristic
Zamack: metal alloy suitable molding
The zamack is a group of alloys with high zinc content (with sometimes small amounts of alloying elements such as aluminum, copper) particularly suitable for the production of complicated jets through the casting process. These pieces provide excellent surface finish and tight dimensional tolerances, high production rates. The metal alloy Zamak (known as ZAMA) is characterized by excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good mechanical strength and toughness, good dimensional stability and ability to create even smaller thicknesses well below 0.3 mm.
Group of alloys
Example of a technical article obtained by zamack
STP Die-Casting Department
Zinc Alloy Die-Casting Department of STP has a hot-chamber presses (200 to 250 tons.) able to produce parts with very tight tolerances. The technologies used allow to obtain accessories with thin surfaces, which support any surface treatment. Components realized are compact. Those qualities are essential in technical applications, automotive, agricultural, automation, home appliances and furniture.
Zinc Alloy Die-Casting Department
Printed appliance handle obtained by die-casting
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